Monday, July 13, 2009

WTBN Feed The Children

So I tune in WTBN this evening to hear Bill Carl interviewing Tony of Feed The Children. A worthy cause? Absolutely. The best. But there during one of the breaks I hear one of the wackjob Michael Medved’s ranting attacks on Obama.

I immediately recalled something he said last week that I wanted to comment on but never did, and now cannot resist, the irony being simply too stunning and outrageous not to point out.

Last week Medved was on WTBN ranting about Seattle’s federally funded Summer Sack Lunch program, where any child up to eighteen can pick up a free breakfast or lunch. Medved calls claims of improved academic performance ‘unsubstantiated,’ and complains that the food goes even to kids who loaf on street corners and in parks, and encourages both dependence and helplessness.

Should the government not feed the children? Is the money better spent otherwise? Does Medved think that the price of that government funded peanut butter sandwich would be better spent paying for another Wall Street bailout? Calculated at four sandwiches on the dollar, if we cut out 2.8 trillion peanut butter sandwiches from the budget we could fund another banking bailout. And to posit as unsubstantiated that a well-fed mind is more readily educated than a half starved one is STUPID, and anyone who thinks that requires some scientific proof is STUPID. Have you not read how Esau sold his birthright to Jacob because he was HUNGRY, and how later in life Jacob sent his sons into Egypt to buy corn because the famine had made them HUNGRY? Yeesh. Maybe Medved should start using his show to put forth an idea that people simply not give their children food from the moment they’re delivered from the womb, so that they not form a dependence on the stuff. He could even back such an idiotic proposition with a quote from the Bible by saying that man does not live by bread alone.

You should all be thankful that God doesn’t use Medved as a paradigm of mercy; otherwise He’d punish everyone without sparing the good.

So what exactly is WTBN’s position on this issue? Should we feed the children, or not? Last week it's no, this week it's yes. And why exactly is that hatemongering, right wing, idealogue spewing fool Medved polluting airwaves that are supposed to be devoted to our Lord Jesus Christ?

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