Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WTBN Michael Medved Response, June 30, 2009

‘Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.’ Matthew 23:24

So I just heard Michael Medved on WTBN attacking the Democratic party, calling out one woman for stating her preference to be called Elizabeth instead of Liz, and another for her preference to be addressed as Senator instead of Ma’am. Medved’s point in attacking these women was to vilify the Democratic party, specifically by pointing out these two women’s 'love' of titles.

Whoever at your station made the decision to broadcast that drivel should be ashamed and EMBARRASSED; and that you find such nonsense in some way relevant to Christian radio is downright silly. I tune in to hear about the Lord and am subjected to that crap? (If you ask me nicely I can point you to a website that published photos of Hillary Clinton wearing white before Memorial Day. Ladies, it’s fashion suicide! I mean shocking!)

Do you all have your heads plugged so deep in the sand that you haven’t seen the news lately? That ridiculous hypocrite REPUBLICAN South Carolina governor Sanford went derelict in his duties and spent taxpayer money to fly to Argentina to cheat on his wife, then arrogantly LIED to everyone about his whereabouts, then LIED about how many times he’d seen his mistress, then acknowledged the fact that he’s also approached other women. Now he’s talking about God’s law and quoting the Bible in begging forgiveness for his sin. Shouldn’t he be held to his own standard, when he was among the loudest critical voices calling on President Clinton to resign over the Lewinski affair? And if you don’t know about liars, once found out lying about one thing, it pretty surely follows that they lie about EVERYTHING.

You want to talk about lovers of titles? How about wingnut ‘Christian’ author and child psychologist Dr. James Dobson and his weirdo sikekick Tom Minnery, Vice President of Public Policy—let me catch my breath before I can continue--two hypocrites who denounce pedophilia then condone pedophiles reading Bibles for their company. Those sanctimonious nutjobs who rant about pornography burning permanent images in people’s minds, but have no problem with Focus on the Family searing the Spanish version of the Bible into people’s memories with the voice of a pedophile. Trust me, if you listen to someone read the entire Bible to you, you never forget that voice. And if you later find out that it was a pedophile, well that's not a very nice thing for Dr. Dobson's company to do to someone's psyche, now is it.

The devil can walk into a church on Sunday morning, ascend the pulpit, paste a smile on his face and read the Bible to the congregation. He’s still the Devil. So is it that Republicans can call themselves Christians, and the party of family values, but are still Republicans, who at their core are mostly self-serving, self-righteous, greedy, lying hypocrites, and in many cases, just plain mentally ill. And yet you somehow think these are the politicians Christ would endorse. Very odd indeed.

If the people who espouse your views hate liberals--and they do--and Jesus Christ is a liberal--and he is--how then can you love Christ?

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