Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WTBN Parshall Malkin Interview

Over the weekend WTBN ran Janet Parshall’s interview with Michelle Malkin. Parshall opened the program with the adage: “You know a person by the company they keep.” This was a lead up to her interview with Michelle Malkin, who’s new book bashes the Obama administration. That’s Malkin on the right in the photo below, taken February 17, 2009 at a rally in Denver, Colorado. That being the company she keeps, and a picture being worth a thousands words, you can now infer volumes about the woman.

Her fellow hatemonger is holding a sign with a swastika, the symbol of Nazi Germany, who perpetrated the Holocaust, the greatest persecution and slaughter of the Jewish people in all of history. The Jewish people are God’s chosen nation, 'a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth,' who gave us the oracles of God and salvation through his only begotten Jesus Christ. To rage against the Jews is to rage against God, which is the work of Satan.

So let’s piece all this together. Janet Parshall swears to have given her heart to our Lord Jesus Christ, but then she publicly praises and promotes and gives away and encourages her listeners to buy the work of someone who knowingly consorts with nazis, Satan’s minions. Isn't that a house divided, Janet?

Of Malkin, Parshall says: "Michelle has this gift, I think it's a God given gift, to really look at issues and to see them with piercing clarity." But Malkin writes rabblerousing nonsense based on exaggeration and lies. She's so nutty that Bill O'Reilly banned her from his show. Her latest book is structured on the strained logic of this flawed syllogism: A) Chicago politics are notoriously corrupt; B) Obama is from Chicago; C) We can conclude that Obama is corrupt.

That’s amateur intellectualism, and just plain silly.

So here’s WTBN’s running tally. The Albert Mohler program is sponsored by a gold trading company that proclaims: Gold is king. Focus on the Family knowingly sold audio Spanish Bibles recited by a pedophile. Townhall.com sells tee shirts that endorse torture with the reprehensible logo: I’D RATHER BE WATERBOARDING. And now Janet Parshall praises and promotes a woman who knowingly posed for a photo with a nazi. I don’t think this is how the Lord wants to be glorified on the radio by Christians.

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