Saturday, January 2, 2010

Drifting With Jesus -- Synopsis and Chapters

Drifting With Jesus is a novel about Jeremy, a disenchanted Catholic priest who pockets his collar and goes on a penniless faith journey across America. The novel explores two major themes. First, it is a survey of the various denominations of Christianity in America--Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals et al; the offshoots--Quakers, Shakers and Christian Scientists; and cult based false religions such as Mormonism and Jehovah's Witness. Second, it is a detailed examination and exposé of the many Catholic doctrines that are contrary to the very Bible it claims to be inerrant. Along the way the novel also touches on the history of Christendom, Biblical prophecy and contemporary issues, along with the occasional spice of humor and a few of my own original parables. Scroll down to preview the first few chapters.

To read about some of the mystifying personal experiences that have shaped my faith, follow this link to chapter 9 of my semi autobiographical novel PEPPERCORN CAFE and read how it started raining five dollar bills in my life while I was writing New Clear Days, my first Jesus novel, which is about the Earth and the Second Coming of Christ.

Robert Charest

Chapter 1 - The Wine
Chapter 2 - Setting Forth
Chapter 3 - An Amish at Cumorah
Chapter 4 - The Treasure in the Chest
Chapter 5 - The Jesus Christ Show
Chapter 6 - The Quakers
Chapter 7 - The Shakers
Chapter 8 - The Christian Scientists
Chapter 9 - Slaves To Sin
Chapter 10 - Jeremy's Confession
Chapter 11 - New Orleans
Chapter 12 - Socialism
Chapter 13 - The Preposterous Prosperity Gospel
Chapter 14 - Happy Holidays
Chapter 15 - Sarah Brosephina
Chapter 16 - The Priesthood of Peter
Chapter 17 - O Rapture!
Chapter 18 - The California Trip
Chapter 19 - Seventh Day Adventists
Chapter 20 - Inside The Mormon Temple
Chapter 21 - The Antichrists
Chapter 22 - Radio Colorado
Chapter 23 - You Are The Pharisees
Chapter 24 - The Mennonites
Chapter 25 - To Care Or Not To Care
Chapter 26 - Jesus Christ International
Chapter 27 - Big Butter Jesus Touches Down
Chapter 28 - Ephraim's Wedding
Chapter 29 - The Renunciation

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