Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bud Selig is a Ninny

Ya know, I've always found Bud annoying and seemingly incompetent. Um, tie all star game? His inability to handle the steroid situation. His mediocre team that never makes the playoffs. What exactly does he do for eighteen million dollars a year?

That was a PERFECT game last night. Did you see the replay of that last out? Are you telling me that was a single? I'm telling you that you've either got your head so far up your butt you can't see what really happens for the poop smeared over your eyes, or you need to chip off a few bucks of that ABSURD salary and go see an eye doctor.

Ridiculous. I grew up a baseball FREAK. I played every day as a kid, in leagues and sandlots yada yada yada. I live about two miles from Tropicana Field. I went to one game about three years ago. My friend had season tickets and invited me the night they were supposed to wine and dine her to reup for the following season. She told me not to eat beforehand, as they had promised her an open bar and a buffet spread.

It turned out to be the most ridiculous experience of my life. We were put in a 'luxury' suite, upper deck, blocked view, and watched as the ball would sail up out of view, then reappear a couple seconds later on its way down, and back out of our view as it reached the field. There was no food, no beer, and the Rays rep said he thought there was some diet cokes in the little fridge. There wasn't. He gave me a bottle of water. I couldn't wait to pony up my hard earned bucks and buy some tickets.

Actually, I left in the third inning and won't go back.

You want baseball to thrive again? You should put me in charge. How exactly did the morons take control of dunceville?

Y'all demonstrate time and time again that you don't get it. EVERYONE in the WORLD knows that Galarraga threw a 28 out PERFECT game. BUT Selig and his foolish ego have to stand by the weird notion that it was a one hit shutout. Enjoy your idiocy. I'm going to watch the NBA finals, World Cup soccer, and then off season NFL workouts. Every time you, Bud Selig, get involved in a decision, you VALIDATE why I haven't watched baseball in years. Every time you have an opportunity to assert yourself and do what EVERYONE else knows is right, you let your obstinate, pighead ego take over and throw good judgment to the wind and act like Al "I'm in charge" Haig. Fools.


P.S. I know in your weird world Barry Bonds is the home run king, but here on earth it's Hank Aaron. Barry Bonds is just some lying, freakish mutation of a man (his head is abnormally enormous), more of a comic book character really, that YOU enabled by turning your back on his illegal drug ingesting while swatting too tightly wound balls out of bandbox ballparks. What exactly do you do? Real exciting stuff you've created there.

You can reach some of mlb's executives here:;;;;;;

I sent an email to, which was rejected by the 'postmaster,' so I looked up his real name, Allan, sent one to, and it went through, so I'm assuming it's a valid email. I'm also guessing other employees of mlb can be reached at (first name) dot (last name) at

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