Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Back and Forth with Right Wing Rodi

Again, this picks up from here.

Why do you seek to justify and explain yourself to me? The Father’s opinion is the only one that matters.

The Gift of Discernment? You? That is rich. I just sprayed tea and pee everywhere I was laughing so hard. This coming from the man who read Genesis 19 and found the story of 'two men who married women that were beautiful but turned out to be immoral and it spiraled from there.' The same guy who, when I quoted the ‘inerrant’ scripture that says: “This was the sin of Sodom….” told me that the scripture was not to be taken literally, but as an allegory of nothing.

I’ve heard that expression before--The Gift of Discernment--to describe Christian ‘gifts.’ I give it no credence. It’s a platitude. Ask one hundred people if they’ve got the gift and eighty will say ‘Yes.’ The other twenty will ask: “What’s that?” and when you explain it will say: “Oh yeah, of course I’ve got discernment.” A while back, I heard a guy on Christian radio openly bragging about how he had the gift of discernment. He then used his very next breath to extol the virtues of that Christian hero Ronald Reagan. Yeah, right. But if you say so…um…okay…I’ll play along…Rodi has the gift of discernment. Are you able to discern the Devil’s voice when he uses it to call himself Christian? He does it all the time.

So something rather odd happened, pertinent to this conversation. Monday night I was looking for something different to watch and happened across the documentary Food Inc. I watched it last night. I think you should watch it and tell me what you think. It was a fascinating look at our food supply, and how capitalism has influenced and taken over its production. It truly is an unholy, ungodly evil. Monsanto suing a farmer because the wind cross pollinated his fields from grain grown with their patented seeds was particularly nefarious. Truly satanic arrogance is required to bring such a lawsuit to bear. And is it Godly that Bush appointed a major beef lobbyist to head the FDA, regulations were rolled back, inspections reduced, and—whaddya know? Here comes e-coli and salmonella. I’m sure that woman whose little boy died wasn’t thinking this was a government that had her interests at heart. She was probably a good Republican though, and knew she was taking one for the team. It goes on and on.

I’m reluctant to quote scripture for you, since you’ve demonstrated a clear lack of knowledge and understanding of the Bible, but here goes: John 14:30 Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.

The prince of this world is the Devil, and the capitalist business principles that he’s brought to bear in the production of our food supply he’s also applied to the industries of energy/oil, defense/war, finance/banking, prisons, health care, and anything else you can think of. Do you see that with your powers of discernment, or has your mind been blinded by the god of this age?

There was one very sensible and articulate farmer in the film. Let's call him, Joe The Organic Farmer. At about the 50 minute mark he said something that I found very pithy and lucid. He said: “I’m always struck by how successful we have been at hitting the bullseye of the wrong target. We have learned, for example, in cattle we’ve learned how to plant, fertilize and harvest corn using global positioning satellite technology, and nobody sits back and asks: ‘but should we be feeding cows corn?’ We’ve become a culture of technicians. We’re all into the ‘how’ of it, and nobody is stepping back and saying: ‘but why?’ A culture that views a pig as a pile of protoplasmic inanimate structure, to be manipulated by whatever creative design the human can foist on that critter, will probably view individuals within its community, and other cultures within the community of nations, with the same type of disdain, and disrespect, and controlling type mentality.” Well said, Joe The Organic Farmer!

Do you discern a spot on nutshell of Republican philosophy in that quote? I do.


So when Republicans recently criticized Democrats for adding to the deficit (a deficit largely created by the Reagan and Bush administrations—Clinton left a budget surplus), then it is announced that Obama’s first budget narrowed the deficit by 13 percent--see here--then the ONE AND ONLY thing the Republicans want to do if they take control of congress is to add 700 billion to the deficit by extending the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy--or to use their parlance, 'cram it down our throats--do you discern hypocrisy? (Stupid policy, by the way. If the tax cuts during a strong economy contributed to this destroyed one, how will those same tax cuts affect it now? They will be devastating, like kicking a cripple.) Following that all they'll do is shut down government for two years until 2012 and the hope of recovering the presidency so they can go on another four year binge of rampant cultural and economic destruction.

So when you drive to the post office to drop your overpriced health care payment gouge in the mail, do you pass by the town hall, pat yourself on the back, and say: “Thanks to me, those statues of Lenin and Marx will not be appearing here for another month.”? You do know that a good capitalist would tell you that your bank account is moving in the wrong direction, and that if you could get the same product for significantly less, that would be smart business. But, you’ve got that gift of discernment, so I’m sure you know best.

Here are two hospitals. The Jesus hospital, o’er which hangs the sign: He Heals Them All. And the capitalist pig hospital, o’er which hangs the sign: Cash Only, No Exceptions. (If you’re sick—or have an illness resulting from capitalist deregulation of the food industry—and have no money, go find a quiet place to live out your misery and die.)

EXT – DAY A sidewalk. (Beavis to Butthead): You said ‘discernment’—he, he—he, he….)

So, watch Food Inc--and Sicko, for that matter, which reveals the capitalist pig destruction of the health care system. The asthmatic woman in tears near the end is particularly touching. The deregulated air polluters that exacerbate and contribute to her illness probably have their hands somewhere in the industry that charges her 120 dollars apiece for her inhalers—the identical inhalers that she’s buying for FIVE cents each in one of those evil—gasp—CUBAN pharmacies.

Get back to me when you’ve seen Food Inc—your take on it will reveal much about your heart.

P.S. When I say Conservative Christian do you DISCERN an oxymoron? I do, for unless God is LIBERAL with His mercies, we are all dead men walking.

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