Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Open Letter to Black Republican Pastors

Last week I came across this article on CNN.com. The article mentions an African American pastor named Aaron Wheeler who usually votes Republican, swung to Obama in 2008, and now, disillusioned, is planning to vote Republican again. He also mentions that he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. That inspired me.

Dear Black Republican Pastor,

I recently read about one of you, and was troubled by a couple things. Quite simply, how on earth do you vote Republican? How? They are the party of lying, racist hypocrites.

As a black man, you are supporting the party that harbors the vast majority of racists in America. Many of them are the great great grandchildren of slave owners, and while the laws have changed, their hearts have not. Those are the attitudes they continued to instill in their children for a century after Abolition--you need only look back at how their parents were treating your parents when you were a child--and those are the attitudes many continue to instill to this day. They call themselves Republicans and Tea Partiers, and you vote for them to rule over you. I find it utterly mystifiying.

As a ‘man of God,’ how on earth do you vote Republican? Do you actually read the Bible, or just wield it and thump it? For the most part, Republicans are lying hypocrites, and God hates liars and hypocrites (look it up--I can give you the specific Bible verses if you need them). Whether they’re screaming about the need to pay down the deficit (a deficit which they created, look it up) then planning on increasing it with continued tax breaks for the wealthy--their only promise and their only concern--or screaming that abortion is murder while dropping their pro life bombs on babies across the globe, or saying that now is not the time to address immigration then blaming the federal government for inaction on immigration, they are HYPOCRITES. I could go on and on--how they 'plan' to create jobs to replace the jobs they destroyed and outsourced, and how the government is too big when it bloated by ten percent during the Bush administration--the hypocrisies are shameless and neverending. They are afraid to face the TRUTH, which is why they fabricate their own phony facts.

So you finally voted for Obama to clean up the mess that YOU made with your votes over the years, then when he can’t clean it up in a day, you become disillusioned and plan to vote for his enemies who have been knocking the mop out of his hand for two years. That'll move government forward. (And if you somehow think Jesus would be OPPOSED to health care for everyone, then you need to go look up the verses where HE HEALED THEM ALL (Matthew 12:15), non believers included (Luke 17:11-19).) Yet you now plan to vote for the racist hypocrites who want to repeal health care for everyone. How is that Christian?

Can you see how God might be looking down at you and saying: What exactly do you want, Black Republican Pastor? I give you everything you ask. You vote Republican, and you get Republican oil spills, Republican economy, Republican unemployment, Republican wars, Republican oligarchy and its accompanying Republican contempt for the impoverished. And now with their new Contract on America the Republicans have promised to continue governing EXACTLY as they did when they were in power, so if that’s how you vote, that’s what you’re going to get. Don’t choose those politicians then cry out to God when they oppress you. If the Republicans take over and fulfill their one promise, more money for the wealthy, then shut down government by holding superfluous hearings about members of the Obama administration (when the entire Bush administration deserves to be incarcerated for crimes against humanity, at home and abroad) while America continues to suffer, don't you DARE to complain--you will have gotten exactly what you asked for.

You may have been in attendance when Martin Luther King Jr. marched, but you weren’t with him---not if you spent your life empowering his enemies with your vote. You were just another onlooker at a civil rights rally. And when you stand there in the voting booth this November with your finger poised again on the Republican lever, take a moment and listen carefully in the quiet: that sound you'll hear is Satan laughing in your face.

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