Monday, September 7, 2009

Response to Rodi

This is the continuation of a conversation, which started on this thread.

Wow. Methinks your mind has been scrubbed bizarre by the Foxnews Republican propaganda brainwashing machine. You make weird assumptions about the Disciples of Christ going forth and denying amenities to hypothetical Greeks and Romans, then a sentence later carry on with your thoughts as though it were historical fact. Where does it say anywhere that they withheld anything from the Greeks and the Romans? How do you come up with that? They were revealing the greatest treasure on earth to them. I’m pretty sure there were many shared meals and much hospitality involved that turned both ways. They weren’t creating some form of government to supersede God.

As for socialism leading to a Marxist regime, where did I suggest anything remotely like that? Where did you come up with that crap? I haven’t read a word of Marx. Your brain is programmed so that the mere mention of the word socialism and your mind triggers Lenin and Marxism and Glenn Beck prancing around in a nazi uniform with a riding crop. Nobody would be kissing the toes of statues and thanking them for their bread. The fear mongering of your media buddies has sunk in on you. If we were to base a socialized system of government on the disciples of Christ, how could it possibly do anything BUT place God above all?

I’m talking about looking after one another, implementing the best of other nations, where people are happier, healthier, safer and wealthier than here. I had Dutch friends who told me that In Holland, if you want to go to university it’s free, and the government provides a small stipend for you to live on while you study. How is that evil? What’s evil is giving your children a debt note of 20, 50 or 100k along with their diploma. In societies where money moves about more freely MORE people succeed financially (which I mention since I know how dear that is to you). In other nations EVERYONE receives health care. If we truly aspired to be a Christian nation, then we would model our health care system after Christ. “…and great multitudes followed after him, and he healed them all.” Not just those carrying Blue Cross…HE HEALED THEM ALL.

As to your seeking to glorify Christ, it makes me think of an arsonist fireman who sets the blaze then rushes to extinguish it to gain glory among men. You step into a voting booth and inflict the Republican miseries of unemployment, foreclosure and homelessness, war and oil spill upon your countrymen then put on a great show of giving the resulting less fortunate neighbors a few of your charitable crumbs.

I came across a recent clip of Michele Malkin last night. It mystifies me that any Christian admires her. She conveys an attitude of shameless arrogance, and her rhetoric struck me as disrespectful to God, sniping the way she does at people who think environmental regulation is necessary and right.

Reagan funded those nefarious wars to stop ‘communism’ from advancing north through Central America. (Now that notion is STUPID). 135,000 people died in those conflicts. The population of Central America is hugely Christian, and innocent peasants were blown up by Reagan's landmines. You can’t kill Christians in the name of Christ. Yet you despise Obama. He acts more Christian than any of the liars, hypocrites, thieves, perverts and shills you vote for, who do NO good for the public, and who are tilting us into an oligarchy. They don’t care about you, they’ll look down and laugh as they tread on your head like cobblestone.

So I’ll amend my parable to read: A wealthy landowner rented out two houses—one to a tree hugging, environmentalist earth muffin, and the other to an industrial capitalist pig. He also suggested they find a way to make the properties pay their rent. The earth muffin trimmed the gardens and lawn, kept up the paint and repairs, and maintained immaculate premises. She also tilled the land and started up a profitable roadside stand. The pig rooted up the yard searching for gold, sold off the furnishings then burned the house to the ground. Which of the two will the landowner entrust to house sit his mansion and invite to vacation in the beach cottage? Since that accurately describes two types of people currently dwelling upon the earth, choose between those TWO. Or twist away with a third in some idolatrous fantasy.

Mercy is compassion. Do you know the parable of Lazarus? It’s Luke 16:19-31. Here’s Lazarus 2010. While the rich man dined one evening on Chilean Sea Bass stuffed with dates and pine nuts, artichoke fritters, lox on rye toast points and asparagus tips in hollandaise sauce, the poor man shooed away the dogs licking his boils and dragged himself to the local hospital. “We’ve got the medicine to cure you right here,” the doctor said, holding up a vial between his finger and thumb. “I just need your insurance information.”

“I haven’t got any,” Lazarus answered.

“Then I’ll need a thousand bucks,” the doctor said.

“I haven’t got that either,” Lazarus replied.

“Then you can't have any. Here’s a couple of band aids to cover your sores and there’s the door. NEXT!”

And Lazarus died and Luke 16: 22-31 finishes the story. And next is, YOU ARE THE PHARISEES.

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