Thursday, February 17, 2011

FRC Stands For Hypocrisy

I've somehow gotten onto the mailing list of the Family Research Council. They are a right wing Christian political group headed by a guy named Tony Perkins. Their motto is Advancing Faith, Family and Freedom. They proudly portray their primary battle to be a pro life agenda. A couple days ago I received an email entitled: Tell Congress to Cut This Budget.

After lauding cuts to 'Democratic allies PBS and NPR,' the email stated: 'What many politicians seem to forget is that wasteful spending is a moral issue as well as a fiscal one. Could you imagine if you ran your family budget in the same haphazard way that President Obama and Congress have ruined our national pocketbook? The biggest difference is that when the government runs out of money they just make plans to take more money from us and future generations! Leaving our children and grandchildren to pay the bills for excessive spending cannot be justified.'

Then I discovered that last week they posted this tribute page to celebrate the centennial birth of Ronald Reagan, where they described him as the greatest pro life president and thanked God that he was born.

So much hypocrisy, where to start? Ronald Reagan created the enormous foundation of that national debt, and we are the children and grandchildren that are saddled with the bill that he and his cronies left when they raided the national treasury by swiping a credit card and taking an advance against our future. Ronald Reagan, pro life Christian? He was a warmongering arms dealer who's probably swimming in the blood he shed rather than cradled in the arms of Christ. Ronald Reagan cherishing liberty and freedom? Like the 52 American hostages he made a deal with Iran to keep in captivity until after the election? Their freedom?

The myth of Ronald Reagan is a lie. And they who knowingly believe lies, are liars also.

Tony Perkins, you are another Republican liar.

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