Sunday, February 6, 2011

WTBN: Taking Christ Out Of Christian Radio

Maybe WTBN should consider redescribing itself as occasional Christian radio, or revising its website to show the time slots when actual Christian programming is aired. The last few times I have tuned into WTBN I have heard nothing, not a word about Christ, nor anything even remotely Christian, which is in part why I rarely bother to listen any more. I cannot be alone.

A few weeks ago I tuned in to hear WTBN's two Saturday night weirdos (that is the word, that's what they are) talking about Obama’s mosque. Obama doesn’t have a mosque nor does he worship in one. Obama is a Christian. That nonsense about the mosque in New York City was right wing propaganda designed to whip voters into a frenzy leading up to the election. While listening I heard Stephen Baldwin talking about a recent contention he’d had with Sean Hannity. I found it ironic. Both men call themselves Christians, and both men set themselves up to be the recipients of charity. Baldwin's started out as, but is now Comparing Baldwin to Job is laughably preposterous. The sordid details of Hannity's 'Freedom Alliance' scumbuggery are here. The Hannity case is particularly despicable in that American men and women were mutilated and killed to protect his right and to create the need for him to ask for charity. It is a vile human being with a foul soul that does something like that. True Christians give to others, not themselves.

A couple weeks after that I woke up right about around six am, and decided to turn on WTBN to catch a little Sunday morning Jesus. Surely WTBN Christian radio broadcasts programming related to Jesus Christ on Sunday morning as people prepare for church. Nope. It was Hugh Hewitt, the reich wing talking head whose virtually every word is blind despite for Obama.

This is Hugh Hewitt.

(How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver! Proverbs 16:16)

And this is an article about those good 'Christian' scam artist thug enterprise criminals he works for at the Republic Monetary Exchange. I just feel the overwhelming love of Christ surging through me every time I hear Hewitt's voice!

A few nights later, in the wee hours, I tuned in to WTBN, again at random just to see what might be on. It was Jay Sekulow, another right wing chatterbox who decides his stance on any particular issue by first learning what Obama thinks and then taking a diametric stance. He was babbling his self-proclaimed 'expertise' on the crisis in Egypt. I couldn't make heads or tails of his diatribe, but it had nothing to do with the gospel of the Lord.

Sekulow went to a break by announcing that he would interview Senator Mike Lee of Utah in the next segment. I didn't listen to the interview (remember, I started out looking for radio pertaining to Jesus Christ), but I do know a little about Mike Lee. First of all, he is a Mormon. Mormonism calls itself a Christian faith, but it is a perverted fiction that very loosely draws from the story of Jesus Christ. Mike Lee believes it is the truth, and in so doing believes a LIE. He also has some very bizarre ideas about government. Actually, flatout wacko notions. He thinks federal child labor laws are unconstitutional, and that such legal code should be written on a state by state basis. This means that if Montana decided it was alright for business to exploit child labor, the feds should keep out of it. You can read about and watch Mike Lee in action here. Do so and maybe you'll understand why I didn't find an interview between he and Jay Sekulow to have anything to do with Christian radio, and to be worthwhile listening.

Then this morning, again early on another Sunday, I popped in on WTBN again. I'm not sure who (I think it might have been Hugh Hewitt) was extolling the virtues of Ronald Reagan in honor of the deceased president's one hundredth birthday. Here are a few of Ronald Reagan's Christian accomplishments. Even before becoming president he negotiated with terrorists. He said to the Iranian revoluntionaries: "Keep my fellow Americans hostage through the election, and I will sell you guns and bombs five for a dollar to use in your war with Iraq." Then he campaigned on the priceless value of freedom. It's despicable hypocrisy to use freedom in campaign slogans while using fellow Americans deprived of theirs as pawns in an election. He then supplied Iraq weaponry to use in the same war against Iran--so he could be sure to get his hands good and bloody. He and his cronies swiped an International Amex credit card and took out a cash advance to make themselves wealthy. The bill is now due, and it is called the massive deficit that Reagan foisted upon future generations. He also covertly funded two undeclared wars in Central America that resulted in roughly 135,000 deaths, and many innocent Christians were among the number. All this and more he did in the name of Christ on his way to his resting place in Abraham's bosom. Or maybe not.

So anyway, I'm sending this to every email address I can find for the staff of WTBN. If you would be so kind as to let me know when such programming is on, I do enjoy Christian radio. Otherwise, do your listeners, and the Lord, a favor, and stop describing yourselves as Christian radio. It's false advertising.

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