Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Fascist Tea Party

(This article is going to be reworked into a chapter in the novel I'm currently writing, either to be called Resurrection, or Midnight Renaissance. It's also going to be a companion chapter to The Nazi Tea Party.)

Fasces n. A bundle of rods with a projecting ax blade.

In his 'victory' speech following the Iowa caucus this past Tuesday, Rick Santorum said: "My grandfather came (to America) back in 1925. He came by himself, even though he was married with two children, one of them being my father. He came after having fought in World War I, because Mussolini had been in power now three years, and he had figured out that fascism was something that would crush his spirit and his freedom, and give his children less than he wanted for them. And so he made a sacrifice. He left to the coal fields of Southwest Pennsylvania"

Do you know the history of fascism, Rick? In many ways you are a fascist.

The founder and leader of the Fascist party was Benito Mussolini. Born in 1883, he was a troubled and violent child; at eleven he stabbed a fellow student and was expelled. He was raised a socialist and spent his early life a union laborer. He railed against the king, the church, the government; and was opposed to war, conscription, and to censorship. Early on he demonstrated a high aptitude for journalism, and when he was 26 he started both a family with his girlfriend and a Socialist newspaper, La Lotta di Classe.

Journalism not only gave Mussolini the power to make up stories, but the means to spread his own mythology. He was quoted as saying: “The thing I learned as a journalist is you can make people believe almost anything.” He would write about non existent things, and people would believe them, and thus he utilized the media to influence the population.

Sound familiar?

It sounds eerily like the Fox news propaganda outlet that would endorse a Santorum candidacy if you are so nominated; the same network that is constantly being fact checked for truth and found to be telling the ‘pants on fire’ variety lies.

Mussolini was initially opposed to Italy entering World War I, but after a few months he broke from La Lotta di Classe and started a new newspaper, Il Popolo de Italia then went to fight in the war.

In 1917 a grenade launcher exploded near Mussolini, leaving forty fragments in his body. He called the explosion the most beautiful moment in my life, and incorporated the experience into his own mythology.

By 1919 Italy was in chaos, on the brink of civil war. Unemployment was rampant, strikes were called, and the Italian middle classes began to fear the spectre of communism. Mussolini exploited those fears, with promises to fight communism, restore law and order, and reduce unemployment.

Sound familiar?

Conservatives have exploited communism and other ideologies and issues to fearmonger for decades; it is one of their most common and preferred methods of influencing public opinion and election outcome.

Mussolini’s dream was to restore the Roman Empire, and he regarded himself as a modern Julius Caesar. On March 23, 1919 Mussolini formed the Fascist party, which he promoted as a sane alternative to the red menace of communism, and which established itself with violence, as he simultaneously formed a private squad of hundreds of men dressed in black shirts and armed with guns and knives who fought against the fascist opposition—liberals, catholics and socialists.

In 1922, when Mussolini was 39, at a fascist party convention the decision was made to go forward with a plan to overthrow the government. The black shirted fascists took up arms and marched to Rome with the plan to force the king to dismiss the government and make Mussolini prime minister. The king was afraid, and before any violence had occurred, made Mussolini Italy’s 27th prime minister. Yet Mussolini rewrote the truth through the power of the press, and told the nation he’d come to power through a violent takeover.

In 1925 Mussolini abolished all political parties excepting the Fascists, making Italy a totalitarian state. Opposition was made illegal by law. The only political party was the Fascists, and membership was mandatory. You could not teach in school, be a civil servant or government employee unless you carried the card of the fascist party.

Sound familiar?

Today’s Conservatives talk of a permanent majority isn’t much of a joke at all.

In 1925, Mussolini decreed: “the government demands that the schools be inspired by the ideals of fascism.” From childhood they were indoctrinated at school, and from the age of four were given toy guns and black shirts. The indoctrination was ordered by the fascist state to instill deeply patriotic feelings in the children.

Sound familiar?

Home schooling is the simplest way to fill a child with lies, and is most popular with the right wing; children are indoctrinated with patriotism through pledges and anthems and celebrations, and toy guns are still everywhere, now only more sophisticated. Texas permits its schools to rewrite its text books with false history and blatant lies. Similar underminings to education are under way all across America.

Mussolini also created a repressive police state to enforce fascism. There were widespread fascist police, and very little escaped their notice.

Sound familiar?

In today’s fascist America right wing militia domestic terrorist attacks, including many murders, are now almost a daily occurrence. And surely you’ve noticed exuberant policemen with their truncheons and their jugs of pepper spray--which the Fascist Propaganda Outlet calls a simple food product-and which they’ve been wielding against innocent protestors with reckless abandon.

Mussolini was politically savvy enough to know that he had to work with the Catholics, and the church was looking to make a deal. The church had lost control of the Vatican since around 1870. In 1929 Mussolini and the Vatican signed the Latin Pact, which ceded to the church virtually everything it sought. The pope gained control of the Vatican City, and received one and three quarter billion lira in compensation for losses, mostly through government bonds. Through their control of that quantity of government bonds, the Catholic church was effectively funding the fascist state. Pope Pius XI actually went so far as to proclaim that Mussolini “was that man whom divine Providence had allowed him to meet.”

Sound familiar?

Fascist America exploits Jesus Christ for money and power at the polls—and for members. That’s why the fundamentalists and evangelicals or whatever name you want to give to right wing, conservative Christians, support many of these ideals that smack so near to fascism.

Mussolini used the Italian newspapers to justify Italy’s military campaigns with rumors and lies, and their alliance with Germany in World War II that led to Mussolini’s downfall and execution, and the end of fascism.

Sound familiar?

We now know the right wing abused the media to disseminate the blatant lies that justified the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

So the fact is, Santorum, that yours is the political party promulgating fascist ideals and their implementations—indoctrinating children with lies, encouraging gun love and violence, writing your own sets of false truths which you spread through the media, and using those same lying media outlets to justify needless wars; all the while falsely abusing Jesus Christ as both a foundation and fundraiser to the fascist theocracy whose dictator you seek to be. Your grandfather may have escaped Italy, but you can’t escape yourself.