Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Resurrection -- Synopsis and Sample Chapters

RESURRECTION was originally conceived as Charles Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL for Election Day.  The novel tells the story of Richard Sleitzer, who in quick order loses his mother to death and his older sisters to marriages and is suddenly on his own at age fourteen.  Highly intelligent and self motivated, he finishes high school in three years, graduating at seventeen, then proceeds to teach himself law, and passes the bar exam without attending law school.  Corrupt to the core with an insatiable lust for wealth, he becomes involved in a real estate scheme, and as a direct result of his actions--contminating a lake--three people die from eating poisoned fish.  Following the deaths he lays low for several months, then quietly moves to a different town and opens his law office.  He proceeds to steal a man’s wife, and with her the choice riverfront property she owns that her husband was planning to develop.  The affronted husband punches him in the mouth and calls him a Dick, a name change sticks for the rest of the novel.
While his new wife builds a riverfront restaurant and wedding venue on the property, he successfully runs for state congress, from which seat he pursues his corrupt activities with even greater ease.  He aspires to national office, and runs for the US House of Representatives.  During that election cycle he viciously slanders and attacks his opponent, the same woman he defeated in his run for state office two years earlier.  The weekend before the election, with a comfortable lead in the polls, he returns to the lake he poisoned years before.  While there he thinks he sees a nugget of gold sticking up through some mud in the midst of a thicket.  He drops to his knees and claws his way in, and as he crawls the thin orange leaves of the undergrowth brush against his eyes.  The plant is some sort of sumac, and he becomes severely blinded, and stuck in the thicket for three days, with the gurgling of a nearby stream tormenting his thirst.  All the evil deeds of his past flash through his mind over that weekend, and he experiences an awakening and a rebirth.  He finally recovers his sight, and returns to civilization and takes out a full page ad in Monday morning’s paper announcing his withdrawal from the race and his endorsement of his liberal opponent. As the novel ends he changes his name back to Richard and the reader knows he intends to atone for his many sins. 

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

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