Monday, March 16, 2015

My Response to Franklin Graham's Claim of Muslims in the White House

On Saturday morning I posted a comment to this link on the Ring of Fire's facebook page. Evangelist Franklin Graham: Obama's Mom Must Have Been Muslim.  My comment received almost 400 likes and elicited 51 comments.  I was blown away by the response, and have never received so many compliments in such a short span of time, so I'm preserving it here.  I'm going to incorporate some of the feedback and rewrite it as a formal blog post.

  • Robert Charest I recently wrote this on my status in response to Graham claiming there are Muslim advisers in the White House.
    Franklin Graham is mentally ill. As Bill O’Reilly’s career is crashing and burning due to revelations that he is an inveterate liar, Frankl
    in decides it’s a good idea to go on O’Reilly’s show and accuse President Obama of consorting with Muslims in the White House. I met two people over the holidays who asserted their sincere belief that Obama is a Muslim, and I’ve been hearing a lot of that nonsense lately, so I started giving it some serious thought, and I’ve come to the conclusion that if President Obama is actually a Muslim we need to immediately abolish term limits and appoint him president for life.
    Muslims bow to Allah in prayer five times a day. President Obama has been in office 2,231 days. That means he has offered 11,155 prayers without being videotaped once. Nor do I recall ever seeing video of him entering or leaving a mosque. Additionally, if he is a Muslim he has observed Ramadan six times in the White House. During Ramadan Muslims fast from dawn until sunset—no eating or drinking. Has anyone decided to pay attention and see if Obama observes Ramadan? Of course not because he doesn’t. President Obama is a professed and practicing Christian, so on top of hiding all his worship of Allah he must have special permission from the highest Islamic leaders to publicly lie and call himself a Christian.
    So if in the face of this overwhelming lack of evidence it turns out that President Obama is in fact a Muslim, the only person who could pull that off is Batman, and when you have Batman in the White House you DO NOT ask him to leave. Come to think of it, Obama does look more like Batman than any other president….

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