Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dear Madam Gilda Opening

This is the opening of Dear Madam Gilda, one of my Pillow Talk Novellas, which tells the story of a poker player who falls in love with the madam of an exclusive New York City escort agency.  

Dear Madam Gilda,     

I have been one of your clients at Apotheos for some months now and first want to offer my gratitude for the ongoing satisfaction and enjoyment I experience every time I enter your esteemed establishment.  You are an astute businesswoman and my highest compliments to the superbly trained staff of nubile beauties you maintain.
I write because in the course of my visits with the girls of Apotheos I have fallen in love with you.  Since expressing my heart is the aim of this epistle, I’ve decided to forgo beating around the bush and simply make for the mark. 
While the ugliest of your girls is flawlessly gorgeous, you stand out from all as the pearl of Apotheos.  Everything about you is peerless:  your mysterious hazel eyes possess an enigmatic, penetrating gaze; your cheeks are as finely cut as your perfect nose is chiseled.  I have never seen such incredible hair as your pillowy blonde tresses which my racing mind, fueled by the desires of my pounding heart, fantasizes seeing spread across a satin pillow.  Had Da Vinci seen the slyly seductive plump lips of your sweet mouth, he would have insisted you sit for the portrait of the most famous smile in history.
And notwithstanding your sublime physical beauty, when you open that mouth and speak, the sultry words riding your warm breath are like a bellows on my burning heart.  I strain to hear and hang on every word you speak when I am at Apotheos—your articulate eloquence exudes a confident self assurance that heightens my excitement just before going on my date with one of your girls.  And while I have and continue to indulge myself in your escort service’s delights, more and more I find myself preferring to do so in the dark so I can pretend the girl I am with is you.
I’ve noticed that you’re always busy answering the phone and organizing girls and I’ve never actually seen you with a client, so I don’t know how to approach you.  Do you also date professionally?  I don’t know how to phrase it any more delicately, and you can certainly understand why I would ask.  You are very attractive to me in every way, and I find myself involuntarily drawn toward and wanting to get to know you as a person and not as a client. 
That is why I’ve chosen this semi anonymous way of introducing myself.  If you are married or otherwise unavailable, or creeped out by this letter, I fully understand and you will never hear from me again.  But if you are available for a date I would really love to get acquainted with you over coffee, a drink or dinner.  My eyes already know your outward beauty; my inner voice tells me that beauty extends within. 
I am no psycho or weirdo—I regard myself a gentleman and live quite comfortably off a large sum of money I won fairly a couple years ago.  So if you’re willing to let me take you out, please respond by sending or leaving a message for me at the Caldwell Hotel.  I am in room 5A.  If not, as I said I fully understand; and if that is the case I still wish to continue patronizing Apotheos, which is why I write anonymously. 

One who yearns to emerge from the shadows and know you on a first name basis.

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