Monday, March 21, 2016

The Pillow Talk Novellas by Robert Charest

THE PILLOW TALK NOVELLAS are three novellas comprising 100,000+ words.  The plots of the three novellas are completely unrelated.  However, the novellas are thematically linked by several commonalities:  all three focus on the psycho sexual dynamics of intensely entangled lovers; all three contain lengthy dialogues that take place in bed (thus the title); all three are set in New York and/or Connecticut, and contain numerous scenes set in Manhattan; all three end in murder; and all three are loaded with dialogue and would translate nicely to film.  Follow the links to read the opening of each novella.

 The Biographer is the story of a sixty year old retired jewel thief named Sid who hires a beautiful forty year old woman named Callie to write his biography.   In bragging about his life of crime she reveals her own criminal past, and they become romantically involved and rob a jewelry store together.  He falls in love while she uses sex to coerce the location of his hidden cache of treasure.

The Guns is the story of young newlyweds Lenny and Marilyn who move to New Haven, Connecticut, where Marilyn has been hired as an English professor at Yale University.  Lenny is a journalist who aspires to write fiction, and when he is offered a contract to produce a mystery novel and encounters writer’s block, he buys a gun for inspiration.

Dear Madam Gilda is set in Brooklyn and Manhattan and tells the story of a professional poker player named Bruno who falls in love with Gilda, the madam of an exclusive New York City ‘escort’ service.

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