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Robert Charest
5514 13th Ave S
Gulfport, FL 33707
(727) 310-1928


BA in English and Music
Honors College with Departmental Honors awarded
Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven, Connecticut


-- I worked during and after high school and college in Durham and New Haven, Connecticut, in bars and restaurants including Time Out Tavern, The Greenery, The Yale Graduate’s Club and Archie Moore’s.

-- In 1994 I moved to New Orleans, where I tended bar and served at Houlihans on Bourbon Street.

-- In 1995 I moved to Austin, Texas, where I tended bar and served at The Tavern, Air Conditioned, from March of 1996 until May of 1997.

-- In 1997 I moved back to Connecticut, where I tended bar and served at Cornerstones in Middletown, Connecticut from August 1997 until August 1998.

-- In 2000 I began working for Brinker Restaurants.  I served and tended bar at On The Border in Rocky Hill, Connecticut from March of 2000 until March 2003, when I transferred to On The Border in Orange, Connecticut.

-- In October 2003 I moved to Florida, and transferred within Brinker Restaurants to Chili’s in Largo, Florida.

-- From 2004 through 2010 I worked at a couple of places in and around St. Pete Beach, including Shell's and Sam Seltzer's Steakhouse.

-- From December 2008 until Mother's Day 2012, and again in the spring of 2015, I tended bar and served during the winter season at Carino’s Italian CaffĂ©, a fine dining restaurant on St. Pete Beach.  At Carino's I was also responsible for liquor and wine inventory, as well as general front of the house duties.   I am still welcome to return to work there any time.

-- In 2010 I started at Mama Leone's on Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.  Mama Leone's was a casual high volume Italian beach restaurant where I served tables and tended bar.  They were open from mid May till Columbus Day weekend.   I worked there for eight seasons, concluding my run when the restaurant permanently closed after the 2017 season.

-- In 2013 and 2014 I worked the winter season at The Lobster Pot in Redington Shores.  A few weeks after I had been invited back to work the 2015 season the restaurant permanently closed.


Connie Peddle was the manager who hired me at Carino's in 2008.  We are still friends.  She can be reached at (727) 519-8833

Danielle Kooyoomjian was a manager and co-worker at Mama Leone’s.  We are still friends.  She can be reached at (603) 394-5036 

Alisia Nicholson was the manager who hired me at the Lobster Pot.  We are still friends.  She can be reached at (727) 768 1665

I can furnish additional references upon request.


Speaking about myself in the restaurant workplace, I don’t drink or smoke, I am always professional and punctual and I haven’t missed a shift since 2012, and even then I was literally unable to rise from bed.  I have worked in six different states and have experience ranging from neighborhood sports tavern to several years of fine dining.  I am equally adept on the floor and behind the bar and excellent with big parties. If you hire me I put myself at your disposal and am willing to work six and seven days throughout season.

In the restaurant I am very big on team work and treating my co-workers with mutual respect.  I am very polite and friendly to everyone and full of ‘please’ and ‘thank yous’ when interacting with coworkers.  Since I could never work in a kitchen or as a host, I have especial respect for they who do jobs I could not, and whose jobs are necessary to me doing mine and having one in the first place.  I am hardwired to be in a good mood every day, and since we are in the hospitality business I like to keep the atmosphere light and drama free.  I am quick witted and entertaining to have around; I have a sharp tongue and definitely generate some laughter.  I have an excellent memory and like to get to know my guests by their first names, especially the regulars.  I am friendly, interesting, funny and provide excellent service, and over time I get a lot of guests coming in requesting my section in every restaurant I’ve worked in.  That's not braggadocio it's simply the truth.  At Mama Leone's I had more call parties request me than the rest of the staff combined.  Here is a list of them.

Norm and Gloria, Bob and Melissa, Sonny, Rob and Carol, Rob and Lynne, Rob’s son Brent and his wife Kate, Chris and his wife, Warren and Alisia, and their friends Ken and his girlfriend and Warren’s other friend Mike and his girlfriend Pam, Dave and Shirley (hoteliers who came in and requested me almost once a week for eight years), Terry, Donna and their daughter Marisa, Ken and Donna, Rob from Enfield and his wife and their kids Will and Grace.  
Nancy Billy and Deb, Debbie and Brian. Debbie also organized Girls Night Out the first weekend every August.  That was when 12-15 of her girlfriends came in for drinks and dinner and requested me.  A guy named Kevin brought his twelve top family in twice a summer and requested me, Rick and Joanie, Mike from New Smyrna Beach, and many others I only knew by face.  The same has happened at other restaurants where I worked any length of time.

I once saved a manager's life at 6:30 during dinner service on a Sunday night.  He had a massive heart attack and collapsed just inside the front door.  His face turned grey and purple and was foaming.  I did chest compressions while a retired cop who was dining there performed respiratory for four eternal minutes until paramedics arrived.  I also speak decent Spanish and write novels which are described on my website: 

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